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Nestled and beautifully situated on Park Lake in Labrador, is Park Lake Lodge. The lodge is ideally located on culturally rich and traditional Innu land and on the edge of the proposed new Mealy Mountains National Park.

The lodge serves as the gateway to this spectacular new park and all that it has to offer. The remote and comfortable lodge will become the hub of a unique four season adventure destination.

Park Lake forms the headwaters for the majestic Eagle River and is located 62 air miles southeast of Goose Bay in the heart of Labrador. Of all the sport fishing locations in Labrador, Park Lake is the original outfitting location, having been first fished routinely by American Air Force personnel stationed at Goose Air Base.

Park Lake Lodge is accessible by air either by Twin Otter or Helicopter from Goose Bay. The transfer to the lodge takes approximately 20-30 minutes. The lodge is also accessible by snowmobile. The length of the snowmobile trip to the lodge varies in length depending on route taken and conditions.

As a unique venue and adventure hub, the lodge will offer, depending on season; world-class fishing, Innu cultural programs, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, ski touring and hiking. In addition, the lodge will serve as a venue for corporate retreats, private groups and customised packages.

Park Lake Lodge welcomes guests from all over the world to experience true, genuine and authentic Labrador Adventures. An area rich in culture, scenery, adventure and wildlife, we warmly welcome everyone.

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