Outstanding Speckled Trout
Late Season Atlantic Salmon
Northern Pike

Park Lake forms the headwaters for the majestic Eagle River and is located 62 air miles southeast of Goose Bay. Of all the sport fishing locations in Labrador, Park Lake is the original outfitting location, having been first fished routinely by American Air Force personnel stationed at Goose Air Base.

The Lake itself is accessible only by air; a normal Twin Otter or Helicopter transfer from Goose Bay to the lodge takes in the vicinity of 20-30 minutes.

The property at Park Lake has been under differing ownership over the years. Park Lake Lodge is a division of IDLP Properties Limited Partnership and current ownership since 2009.

Park Lake is the most renowned and has the most prolific speckled trout fishing in all of Newfoundland and Labrador. The speckles here are running up to six pounds and over. Northern pike up to 15 pounds are common; and fifteen to twenty pound salmon frequent the pools from mid August through September.

The Lake is approximately 10 miles long and 6 miles wide with many deep inlets and bays. Various sized islands with boulder reefs and shoals make superb feeding habitat for speckled trout. As well, some of the bays and inlets are filled with pond lilies and grasses, making excellent hiding places for Northern pike.

For the fishing enthusiast, the serenity and solitude to be experienced while enjoying your pastime in Labrador will be incomparable. Come join us. Experience what we know will be your fishing expedition of a lifetime.

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